Another mini comic in the girlfriend storyline.  2 more comics to go before the stunning conclusion!  Thanks for reading.

New comic - part 6 of the girlfriend storyline!

Hi there!  Starting tonight, Im going to start posting on Wednesdays.  Its better, don’t you think?

Number 5 in the girlfriend storyline.  Enjoy!!

Still working on part 5… will have it next week.  In the meantime, heres a teaser of things to come.

Still working on Part 4 of the girlfriend story.  Here’s a little teaser.

No spacelogs this week…. but you can read this!

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Girfriend part 3 - “heavy”

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Part 2 of the girlfriend septology!  This comic is better if you have already read part 1 (see below).

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OKAY!!!  All new Spacelogs!  

Please enjoy the first of a 7 part storyline - ‘Chat’.  

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Spacelogs Thursday! Number 10 - holiday!  (Xmas in July)  Please enjoy this soundtrack for your reading enjoyment: Señor Coconut y Su Conjunto - The Robots - YouTube

Next week - new comics!

Spacelogs Thursday!  Rounding out all of the old spacelogs, please enjoy ‘party’!  soundtrack - Simian - Never Be Alone - YouTube

Spacelogs Thursday! This week ‘drill’.

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